Espresso machines

The aim of the development effort was to design portafilter espresso machines to suit different approaches to interior design. The three products were created with shapes that range from angular and additive to soft and integrative. The main body of the machines is made of injection-molded plastic, while the serving area is produced from chrome-plated steel sheet, partly in combination with silver-painted plastic.

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Espresso machine Volta
‘Volta’ has a soft, gently curved body with a circular top section and a rounded drip tray. The water container is shaped so that it is partly integrated into the body.

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Espresso machine Seca
‘Seca’ has a body characterized by diagonal intersecting lines. The overall form is created by combined curved trapezoid, triangle and cone shapes.

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Espresso machine Quadro
‘Quadro’ consists of a rounded cuboid main body with textured sides from which the serving area and the water tank protrude as rounded cuboid forms.

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