The project brief was to design a series of chairs capable of multiple stacking and suitable for various different settings. The four chair series range in terms of their formal appearance in character from objective to emotional. They are made entirely of plastic or of a plastic shell and a tubular steel base. The individual color of the chairs underscores their shape.

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Chair Leaf
‘Leaf’ is inspired by the shape of petals. The curving lines emphasize the organic feel of the chair.

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Chair Leaf with armrests

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Chair Cover
In formal terms ‘Cover’ alludes to a soft cover that is draped over a frame. The generous curves reinforce the comfort aspect of the chair.

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Chair Cover with armrests

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Chair Bend
In ‘Bend’ the seat shell curves smoothly to meet the chair legs. Thanks to the flowing transition between the two, the seat shell appears to be partially suspended.

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Chair Bend with armrests

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Chair Leap
‘Leap‘ creates the impression that the back legs and the seat shell flow down from the back rest. The shape thus symbolizes the calm that precedes a jump.

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Chair Leap with armrests

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