The goal of the project is to create armchairs for different interiors. The designs are based on different concepts of the idea of an “armchair”. These range from a clear, matter-of-fact look to organically evolved structures.

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Armchair Piega
‘Piega‘ is composed of two basic elements that seem to lean on each other. The seat element and the backrest element with the armrests only meet at one edge. The load-bearing connection between the elements is masked by the backrest.

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Armchair Pila
‘Pila‘ consists of seemingly floating horizontal blocks for the seat and armrests that are held in place by an angled block that functions as the backrest. The object rests on two steel tubes that act as the feet.

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Armchair Toro
‘Toro‘ is made up of a curved volume that is penetrated by an angular volume that in turn is supported at the back on two rods. The curved shape constitutes the armrests and the angular shape creates the armchair’s seat.

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Armchair Teno
‘Teno‘ is a mono-shell armchair with headrest, attached upholstery, and armrests that seem to grow out of the base – and a five-star foot. The accompanying footstool has the same structure of base and shell and a fixed four-star foot.

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